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10 Tips for Fabulous Wedding Flowers

5 Tips to Keep Fresh Flowers Longer

5 Tips for Keeping your Orchid Healthy

10 Tips for Giving Flowers

9 Tips to Bring Meaning Into Your Family Life with Nature

7 Tips to Create a Nurturing Experience for Your Clients

5 Tips for Keeping Your Flowers Looking Fresh on Your Wedding Day

7 Simple Tips to Show Your Spouse You Care


Ten Tips for Fabulous Wedding Flowers

  1. Add fragrance. Use a scented flower in your bouquet.  Years from now when you smell that flower it will bring you back to your fantastic day!  Some of our favorite scented flowers for wedding bouquets are stephanotis, freesia, stock, waxflower, gardenia, phlox, and garden roses.  White flowers often have the most scent.
  2. Bring meaning into your flowers. Every flower has a meaning, so tell your story with flowers or add your own meaning by using a favorite flower, or one symbolic of a family tradition or memory.  Visit this website for a complete list of flowers and their meanings:
  3. Try something different. Encourage your florist to make your wedding unique with ideas that are memorable and different.  For great ideas look at this book: The Perfect Wedding Details: More than 100 Ideas for Personalizing Your Wedding by Maria McBride-Mellinger
  4. Consider the time of day. for your event Evening or low light weddings are more luminous with white or pale flowers, and daytime or outside events pop with color and vibrant combinations. Candles or lanterns also make for a dramatic effect.
  5. Transform any space. Great florists are artists and can change any mundane space into something beautiful and stylish.  Try elevated centerpieces (at least 3 feet off the table) for rooms with high ceilings or designer linens.  The magazine "Bride and Bloom" is helpful for stylish looks.
  6. Do some homework. Bring pictures from books or magazines with your own ideas, loves and colors to your meeting with your florist.  This will make your desires more clear.  Take notice of flower types, colors, textures and styles.
  7. Use seasonal flowers. You will save money, harmonize with the outside environment and the flowers are likely to be fresher, local or even organic if you follow the season.
  8.  Get noticed. One or two large, dramatic flower arrangements will be more memorable than lots of small arrangements.  Key areas for placing flowers are where there is spot lighting, at entrances and whenever you are wanting to pull attention away from a problem or unattractive area.
  9. Think beyond flowers. A good florist can also decorate using fabric, lighting, candles, fruit, seasonal branches or even trees.  For example: use a tree to hang the place cards or create a "lounge" area with rented furniture.
  10. Share the happiness. After your wedding, give your centerpieces away to special people at your wedding or arrange to give them to a charity or nursing home (this may even be tax deductible). You can also use flowers in favors or place settings.  

5 Tips To Keep Fresh Flowers Longer

  1.  Change the water every 2 days. This minimizes bacteria growth in the water which clogs the stems and causes the flowers to die sooner.
  2.  Add a couple of drops of bleach to water after changes, also helping to reduce bacteria.
  3.  Place flowers in the coolest place in the house at night. This may be a non-freezing garage, a basement or lower level (don't forget to bring them out for the day). This can double the length of life of cut flowers.
  4. Remove expired blooms or stems each day. Dead stems are more likely to decay in the water and the overall look of the flowers will be improved.
  5.  Display flowers away from heat sources: heating vents, stoves, direct sun, large appliances or fireplaces.  

5 Tips for Keeping your Orchid Healthy

  1. Place your orchid in bright indirect light, such as near a south facing window (but not right in the sill, unless you have a sheer (curtain), or in an east-facing window.
  2. Keep your orchid watered by placing one ice cube at the base every week.
  3. The orchid should never sit in a pool of water and it should dry out between waterings.
  4. Bright green leaves indicate good health. Dark green means means not enough light and reddish green means too much light. If leaves get blotchy or spotted this may also mean it has too much sun on it. Yellow leaves can mean too much water.
  5. If your orchid stops blooming for a long period this may mean it needs more light. After it has stopped blooming but still has healthy green leaves, cut the stem high, just above the "node" and below the lowest bloom.  

Ten Tips for Giving Flowers

  1. Give flowers at unexpected times. Valentine's Day is great, but giving flowers out of the blue is sure to surprise and delight a loved one and give them an even deeper feeling of attention since there is no prescribed reason.
  2. Ask your wife (girlfriend, daughter, friend) about their favorite flowers and colors, and write them down so you don't forget - You can also ask your florist to take notes about favorite arrangements for your loved ones.
  3. To find a great florist out of town, call the concierge desk of the nicest hotel and ask for their recommendation. When sending flowers out of state, do not call a 1-800 number or ask your local shop to place the order for you - you will pay up to 15% or more in extra fees! Instead, call the florist yourself. It takes a few more minutes, but you will get more for your money and better flowers. If you need a referral you can ask your local florist or call the best hotel in town.
  4. Take advantage of your florist’s same day delivery service. Same day delivery is usually available if you call in the morning, and it is one of the most convenient ways to show your gratitude and appreciation.
  5. Be specific, learn the names of flowers you want and ask for them. If you need some help getting to know names of some beautiful flowers, here is a list of some of our favorites to get you started: tulips and french tulips, calla lilies, oriental lilies, roses, orchids, lisianthus, bells of ireland,  queen anne’s lace, hypericum berry, blooming branches such as cherry or quince, peonies, sunflowers, amaryllis, stars of bethlehem, sweet peas, dahlia, thistle, curly willow branch
  6. Be descriptive about the style you want. Give your florist a few key words to capture what you are after, such as cheerful, serene, tropical, masculine, youthful... Here are some examples of floral styles: *high style - an elegant selection of flowers in a contemporary design *low and compact - a shorter and fuller design in a round shape (good for a desk or centerpiece) *mass arrangements - many stems of one type of flower, an elegant and lush look
  7. Consider if you want fragrance in your bouquet You can request scented flowers such as oriental lilies, stock, freesia or garden roses to create an additional sensual experience to your gift. However, be aware if you are sending them to someone with a sensitivity or allergy to let your florist know.
  8. Flowers arranged in a vase will usually last longer than flowers arranged in a basket
  9. Give flowers to yourself! Flowers are an affordable luxury and a sweet gift from nature that will give you good feelings and a connection to life. Treat yourself well and you will be well.  

Nine Tips to Bring Meaning Into Your Family Life with Nature

  1.  Tell stories and rhymes about flowers and nature Remember “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” and The Fall of Freddie The Leaf? Simple stories about nature are easy make up or find. Try “The Little Seed's Journey” in the book Parenting with Spirit available or Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior by Susan Perrow.
  2. Create a seasonal altar. Gather seasonal items from walks to display in a special place in your home.  This connects the whole family to the awe and anticipation of the changing seasons.
  3. Have fresh flowers in your home. Flowers freshen and brighten both the room and the mood. Harvard studies shows that flowers make people more relaxed and compassionate toward others. Read more about “Vitamin F” here
  4. Take nature walks. Children naturally feel surprise and admiration about nature.  Give them and yourself time to stop in your tracks to observe natures wonders; the movement of ants or the scent of a rose.
  5. Include rituals and rhythms in your daily life. Celebration, ritual and natural routines combat the stresses of modern living.  Take a few moments each day, regularly, to find quite gratitude and awareness of beauty. Go outside at the same time each day or water the plants or garden on the same days of the week to help children develop self-confidence and a sense of well-being.
  6. Engage yourself in artistic activity. Children feel the underlying spiritual energy in parents making art and they thrive in it.  Weekly flower arranging, painting, or music-making in your home satisfy both creative expression and ritual with your children, and can also be a great shared activity.
  7. Send flowers to your children on special occasions, or just to say I love you. Having flowers delivered to your home is a great way to reward and celebrate your children.
  8. Transform a negative mood with nature. Going outside to play will often transform a young child's negativity.  Drawing also can help.  Making a simple, beautiful nature scene yourself can aid in your child's transformation.
  9. Gardening can be relaxing and therapeutic for parents as well as kids. Working in your home’s outdoor space is a self-care activity that your can do with your children, and can also be great exercise for all of you. There are many simple tasks even very young children can do to feel helpful and have fun such as digging, watering with a small can, or raking.  

Seven Tips to Create a Nurturing Experience for Your Clients

  1. Color affects mood. You have put time and money into an attractive office decor, so choose your colors carefully.  Blues and greens tend to be soothing, yet reds can create excitement and higher heart rate.  Did you know sports teams sometimes paint the opposing team's locker rooms bright pink so their opponents will lose energy?  For info about color psychology, visit
  2. Use music to create an optimal atmosphere. You may have heard of studies showing that listening to fast music while driving increases car accidents, or that the “Mozart effect” claims to increase intelligence.  While some claims may be exaggerated, there is no denying that music can affect our state of mind.  Go to for details about how music affects us.
  3. Display fresh flowers. Flowers are proven in Harvard studies to make people feel less anxious and more compassionate toward others.  Adding a well-designed floral arrangement to your waiting area will show your clients that you have made the extra effort to brighten their day.  Read more about “Vitamin F” here
  4. Delight clients with images. Use wall art that has personal meaning to your office.  The art you choose can be fun and personal, such as travel photos or children's artwork. You could also choose soothing landscapes or energetic abstract art. Its a good idea to coordinate your art with the wall color and style of your office.  Just remember, if it looks meaningless to you, it probably will not impress a client either.
  5. Offer herbal tea and water. It is always so pleasant to an incoming client to be offered complimentary tea, filtered water, or other refreshments. Decaffeinated and healthy beverages are best for a calm atmosphere.  Using real mugs and glass cups creates a home-like atmosphere rather than disposable and wasteful paper or plastic.
  6. New client perks. What better way to say you care, than to send fresh flowers to a new (or loyal) client shortly after their appointment?   This will keep your clients thinking of you, and more importantly, talking about you, for a long time.
  7. Use natural scents. Make them feel comfortable with aromatherapy.  A bowl of river rocks rubbed with an essential oil such as eucalyptus adds both fragrance and natural beauty.  There are many essential oils from which to choose; lavender, rose, or peppermint are also favorites to lift a room.  A spa environment will make clients feel pampered, as they are in for a treat rather than a chore. A great local source is

5 Tips for Keeping Your Flowers Looking Fresh on Your Wedding Day

  1.  WATER. Put your bouquet and your bridesmaid bouquets back in water anytime you are not using them for pictures before the ceremony.
  2. Use Strong Flowers. Use extra strong flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.  Some great flowers to use are: orchids, roses, berries, pincushion protea.
  3. Keep em cool. Make sure your florist has a cooler for overnight storage the night before.  Flowers should be well chilled for the wedding.
  4. Hot Weather Wilts. If possible, wait to do your outside photos until after the ceremony.  Especially if it is over 85 degrees.
  5. Re-Use of Flowers. Reusing flowers from an outside ceremony at the reception may result in wilted centerpieces.  If you want to reuse outside ceremony pieces, place them in areas that are accents or less of a focal point.  

7 Simple Tips to show your spouse you care

  1. Show your interest in their hobby, bring up an interesting fact or offer to join in an activity.
  2. Grab their hand, look them in the eye, smile and say something nice. 
  3. Hugs are FREE! One warm hug can carry someone through the day.
  4. Send an funny note/text or email to share some humor and to let them know you are thinking of them.
  5. Thank them for being on your team.
  6. Take initiative to plan an outing. visit for ideas on where to go.
  7. Do a chore they normally take care of and see how much you are appreciated!